4 Natural Ways to Improve Your Mental Health Today

Do you wish you had more control over your mental health day to day?

Maybe you know what to do, but you're not putting into action.

This free masterclass will show you simple + powerful actions to reduce stress & anxiety, balance your mood, think clearly, & feel your best energy every day!

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    During this Free Training You'll Learn:

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    Why these specific natural practices not only support mental health, but can resolve anxiety, depression, brain fog, & low energy

    Common nutrient imbalances that cause mental health issues (and how to address them!)

    We are NOT stuck with our current brain - what to do to help your brain grow & thrive

    How food sensitivities & leaky gut can cause depression & anxiety (or make them worse!)

    We can regulate our own emotions by tapping into our nervous system - shift yourself out of stress & into peace in minutes

    About Your Host

    Over the last 11 years as a NYC based Registered Dietitian & fitness professional, Christine Coen has transformed her practice from a traditional weight loss & fitness focus into a convergence of the powerful impact of movement & nutrition on mental health. Christine’s own battle & eventual overcoming of depression, anxiety, & emotional eating sparked this change, as movement became her “anti-depressant” and was a major catalyst in her recovery.

    Today, she serves people as a Mental Health Nutritionist, helping them resolve the physical causes of depression & anxiety using Natural Solutions. She works with her clients through online programs coaching them to take empowered action on their mental health through optimizing nutrition for mental health, healing metabolic issues, supporting gut health, and making the mindset shifts to enjoy optimal wellbeing, energy and a full experience of life!

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