How to naturally resolve your depression, anxiety, low energy & brain fog using nutrition & your body's innate ability to heal itself - with ease & confidence.

Did you know most people who experience symptoms of poor mental health, low energy, anxiety & mood swings often have nutrient imbalances + inflammation?

Are therapy & medication falling short of what you hoped?

Do you wish you felt more empowered in caring for your mental health?

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This Masterclass is for you!

    During this Free Training You'll Learn:

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    What you didn't know about the REAL ROOT CAUSES of poor mental health and how it's possible to heal naturally - even if you've already tried everything!

    How unknown food sensitivities can be causing depression or anxiety - and what to do about it!

    Why nutrition is foundational to healing mental health - and which simple changes can make a powerful improvement!

    The BEST supplements that truly help resolve the root causes of poor mental health - & which ones YOU need.

    Gut on fire = Brain on fire. How to heal your gut, food sensitivities & revitalize your mental health -with clarity & relief

    About Your Host

    Over the last 11 years as a NYC based Registered Dietitian & fitness professional, Christine Coen has transformed her practice from a traditional weight loss & fitness focus into a convergence of the powerful impact of movement & nutrition on mental health.

    Christine’s own battle & eventual overcoming of depression, anxiety, & emotional eating sparked this change, as movement became her “anti-depressant” and was a major catalyst in her recovery.

    Today, she serves people as a Mental Health Nutritionist, helping them resolve the physical causes of depression & anxiety using Natural Solutions. She works with her clients through online programs coaching them to take empowered action on their mental health through optimizing nutrition for mental health, healing metabolic issues, supporting gut health, and making the mindset shifts to enjoy optimal wellbeing, energy and a full experience of life!

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